Our Studio Policies and Other Key Information
Please take a look at the information below. We would be happy to address any questions you my have.


Proper technique is critical to dance training and all students develop at a different pace. We focus hard on ensuring students are learning proper technique at a pace that matches their development.

  • Students will be placed in the appropriate level of classes according to his/her teacher’s recommendation. Teachers will evaluate students based on their observations of your student’s physical ability and their pace of learning.

  • As part of the evaluation process, teachers will watch for technique as well as knowledge of the steps and terminology. Knowing the steps is not enough. Appropriate leveling of the students will help ensure they are ready for the next step, which will maximize their training and help them gain confidence in themselves.

  • Making sure your student has a great experience is important to us. If you believe your child is having difficulty with the level of the class he or she is in, please contact the teacher and they will work with you. Private lessons are an option and can be arranged through the teachers.

  • We understand that many students would prefer to be in class with their friends, however, we cannot keep a dancer in a class with peers if their is a risk that the progress of class would be impeded do to a leveling challenge.

  • Age requirements for all classes and levels must be met by September 1st.

While your student is in class, you are welcome to wait in the studio lobby. For your convenience we have added a guest network so that you may tend to other business while you wait. It is also intended to provide the students an avenue to work on their homework while they have down time in between classes. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation with a couple items:

  • If you are waiting and have other children with you, please be sure they are supervised for their safety and to ensure classes are not disturbed.

  • We request that unoccupied dance studios are not entered without the presence of an instructor of the studio.

  • Snacks are permitted in the lobby area, but please try to refrain from gum and other products that are “sticky” in nature. We would appreciate it if students would drink water to avoid accidental spilling and staining from other types of beverages. Your assistance in keeping the studio clean will be appreciated by all.

  • Noise volume in the lobby area should be kept to a minimum as to not disturb classes.

  • Please be respectful to the instructor and class in progress by refraining from entering the dance studio while a class is in progress. If there is a need to pull someone from class, please talk to the office staff and they will be glad to assist you.

  • We understand that parents and siblings like to watch classes in progress, but this does create a distraction to the classroom setting. We have installed cameras that broadcast the classes to a monitor in the lobby so you may observe the class in session an avoid unnecessary class disruption.

If a dancer misses classes due to an illness or other circumstance, they are encouraged to make up classes during other appropriate classes. If you aren’t sure what class to use for a make up session, talk to your student’s teacher. Fall tuition fees will not be adjusted for missed classes due to illness, vacation, or outside activities. In order to get credit for your make up, please stop at the studio office and sign the make up log.

Private classes are not offered as an alternative to regular classes but can be arranged by discussing your request with the studio director and the teacher. If you cannot make a scheduled private lesson, you must notify the studio a minimum of 4 hours in advance or you will be charged for that lesson.

  • Private Lesson costs: 1/2 hour class = $25.00 1 hour class = $50.00

If you are considering joining our studio your student may select one class to take as a trial class free of charge.

  • This is a 35-week season that runs from September 2017 - June 2018. For easier budgeting, we spread the total tuition due for our 2017-2018 dance program into ten (10) flat monthly payments. If all ten payments are included with this registration, please deduct $25.00 from your tuition amount due.

  • You may pay online with your credit card or PayPal account. Payments can be made in the studio with cash, check or credit card.

  • A $30.00 bank fee will be assessed for any checks returned for insufficient funds.

  • Tuition is due by the 17th day of each new month.

  • Delinquent payments will be assessed an automatic late fee of $5.00

A $20.00 per family registration fee is due with registration.

JUNE 2018 Tuition
  • The monthly tuition amount, payable at registration, will be applied to June 2018.

  • Please plan your classes carefully; there are no credit or adjustments if class(es) are dropped after October 15th, 2017 or if you do not complete the dance year.

  • If you add a class(es) after your initial registration payment is made, your account will be adjusted to include the additional monies due for June 2018.

  • Attendance of your regular class is very important. Absences and tardiness may affect your progress and disrupt the flow of the entire class.

  • There are no credits or adjustments for missed classes. Missed classes should be made up in a comparable level class within a week or two of the absence. Students making up a class must sign in at the studio office in order to receive credit for the makeup. If you aren’t sure what class your child can use for their make up class, please ask the studio office and the staff will be glad to help.

  • Students with four or more missed classes may jeopardize advancing to the next level and/or participation in our year end dance production, even if a costume has been purchased.

  • Awards will be given out the last week of dance classes. In order to qualify to receive an award you must maintain perfect attendance, or make up missed classes by the end of the following month of absence. (e.g. March misses must be made up by April 30, 2018.)

  • Since vacations, school and sports activities are pre-planned, we would suggest making up those misses in advance.

  • There will be no make up classes in May or June as we are busy getting the students ready for the year end production. We would suggest that you take a couple of “in advance” make up classes as “insurance” for unplanned illness or absence that might occur in May or June.

  • As you make up your classes, it is your responsibility to sign in at the desk in order to get credit. The teachers do not record your make ups.

We generally follow the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School system for bad weather closings, however, if the weather clears up or worsens later in the day and you are in doubt, call the studio for a recorded message at (440) 838-1809, or visit our facebook page (facebook.com/interpretationsda) or our website at www.interpretationsda.com for updates.

For our dancer’s safety and comfort, on snowy days, please remove your wet, snowy footwear in the coatroom before entering the carpeted lobby.

The fall dance season begins on Monday, September 11, 2017 through Thursday, June 15, 2018. We are closed for the following holidays. (We do not necessarily follow any particular school’s closings for holiday breaks since they tend to vary).

  • Tuesday, October 31st, closed for Halloween

  • Wednesday, November 22rd - Sunday, November 26th, closed for Thanksgiving. Classes resume on Monday, November 27th.

  • Monday, December 20th - Wednesday, January 3rd, closed for Christmas and New Year. Classes resume on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018.

  • Wednesday, March 28th - Sunday, April 8th, closed for Easter/Spring break. Classes resume on Monday, April 9th.

  • Monday, May 28th, closed for Memorial Day.

  • MANDATORY Informal Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 9th

  • MANDATORY Technical Rehearsal: Monday, June 11th

  • MANDATORY Closed Formal Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday, June 12th

  • Show One (shaded classes on the schedule): Performs Wednesday, June 13th

  • Show Two (non-shaded classes on the schedule): Performs Thursday, June 14th

Half shaded classes on the schedule: Perform both June 14th and June 15th

Rehearsal attendance for those performing show nights is MANDATORY.

The area in front of the building is for drop off traffic only. Please do not wait or park your car in this area.

To ensure good traffic flow, all traffic should enter from Broadview Road and exit onto Oakes Road.

Please inform whoever is dropping off or picking up your child of this necessary safety policy.

We will be using email as our primary communication method rather than sending things home with your children. Please check your emails from Interpretations Dance Academy.

These communications will include important dates, deadlines and studio information pertinent to your child. Please let us know if you do not receive your first account statement the first week of September so we can verify your email address.

We encourage you to put your name on everything: shoes, dance bags, cover-up clothing, jackets, etc.

For safety reasons, we request that students ensure their belongings are stored out of the way and do not block traffic flow in the studio. There is a wall recess by studio one they can use.

We will manage a lost and found at the desk, but Interpretations Dance Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase.

Interpretations Dance Academy reserves the right to refuse a refund on any merchandise that is not returned in resalable condition.

Returns will only be accepted with a receipt and all tags still attached to the merchandise.

There are no exchanges, refunds, or returns on dance shoes unless they prove defective within 14 days of purchase.

There are no exchanges, refunds, or returns on dance tights that have been worn.

If an exchange cannot be made, a due bill will be issued that is good for six months, or a credit will be applied to your tuition account. We cannot give cash refunds.

We, at Interpretations Dance Academy, know that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy.

We receive and store information you enter on our website or give us in any other way with the exception of highly sensitive data such as credit card information. We use secure, third party providers such as Dance Studio Pro, PayPal, and TuTu-Tix to process credit card information. No credit card information is stored in Interpretations Dance Academy’s files, or are accessible from the third parties we interact with.

Interpretations Dance Academy considers information about our customers an important part of our business, and
we do not sell it to others.

If you have any concern about privacy at Interpretations Dance Academy please email a thorough description to
jgmcphers@interpretationsda.com, and we will work to resolve it. This notice may change also, and use of information that we gather now is subject to the Privacy Notice in effect at the time of use. You should check our website periodically to see recent changes.